UC ReX is an initiative of UC BRAID, a
partnership between the five University
of California medical campuses - Davis,
Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco - all of which are members of
the Clinical and Translational Science
Award (CTSA) program. UC ReX is
funded by the University of California
Office of the President.

To enhance the competitiveness and
impact of clinical research at the University
of California by enabling multi-campus
projects and to support identification of
best practices among UC Health Systems.

 The UC ReX Data Explorer enables search of 12 million de-identified
     patient records from the 5 UC medical centers with one query

Complete NIH targeted Enrollment Tables by providing counts of eligible      patients by gender, race and ethnicity

  Increase cohort identification for the study of rare diseases

  Expand your study from a single to a multi-site proposal

 Obtain coordinated data provisioning support through UC ReX

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